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Photo Series Title Volume(complete) Author Publisher
BE-BOY Takaramono 01 to 04 Yuri Yamakami BIBLOS
BE-BOY LOVE MODE 01 to 11 Yuki Shimizu BIBLOS
BE-BOY LOST SHEEP 01 to 03 Chihisa Kitazato BIBLOS
Chara COMICS Kimi no mukougawa 01 to 02 Hisami Arina Tokuma shyoten
Chara COMICS Jail Bird 01 to 02 Tamotsu Takamure Tokuma shyoten
Chara COMICS BLACK~BLOOD 01 to 02 Sanami Matou Tokuma shyoten
DEAR+ Tsumeeri hime 01 to 05 Riko Fukiyama Shinshokan
GUST Night walker 01 to 03 Sakurako Gokurakuin Outou-shobou
GUST Dokusenyoku 01 to 03 Yuuko Kanazawa Outou-shobou
ICHISUKI Revadan-Kibou no hana 01 to 08 Kenyuu Togawa Tousuisha
ICHISUKI Jinjyuuhou-retsuden 01 to 13 Shyuu Morimoto Tousuisha
ICHISUKI Koori no mamono no monogatari 01 to 24 Shiho Sugiura Tousuisha
ICHISUKI Heisei youkai shimatsu nin 01 to 04 Kazuki Shimazu Tousuisha
KB Vanpire kiss 01 to 05 Naoko Saiki Sony Magazine
KB Rydeen 01 to 11 Mizuho Mori Sony Magazine
KB Gravitation 01 to 12 Maki Murakami Sony Magazine
LD Mystery LOVE CLUB 01 to 04(not complete) Miyoko Satomi Scora
Pocke AB motion 01 to 04 Fuuri Misasagi Gakken
Pocke Unjyou-roukaku kidan 01 to 08 Sei Gotou Gakken
RACISH Asobi jya nainda 01 to 03 Mami Hashiba Kichijyoji-kikaku
RACISH Shiawase wa konna katachi de yattekuru(Aizou-Ban) 01 to 03 Mami Hashiba Kichijyoji-kikaku
RACISH Tokoharu boys 01 to 03 Mami Hashiba Kichijyoji-kikaku
RACISH Pratonic Yagi&Terayama 01 to 05 Senko Toumiya Kichijyoji-kikaku
RACISH Nagata-chou 1choume 7banchi 01 to 05 Seimu Yoshizaki Kichijyoji-kikaku
TOSUISHA REVIVAL Komatta Toki wa Hoshi ni kike 01 to 26 Miyuki Abe Tousuisha
TOSUISHA REVIVAL Shiawase wa konna katachi de yattekuru 01 to 03 Mami Hashiba Tousuisha
Bonita Comics Akarui seishounen no tameno renai 01 to 14 Senko Toumiya Akitashoten
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