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Shoujyo manga (for girls) Complete set-3/for Deputy Shopping

Almost books size:Shinshyo(11.5X18.2)

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Photo Series Title Volume(complete) Author Publisher
MyBirthday SUN 01 to 02 Ayumi Asou Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Kiss me please 01 to 03 Ayumi Asou Jitsugyou no Nihon-sha
MyBirthday TRUE 01 to 02 Ayumi Asou Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Loving you@ 01 to 02 Ayumi Asou Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday FIGHT!@ 01 to 02 Yutaka Abe Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Suger no Kimochi 01 to 03 Kako Itou Jitsugyou no Nihon-sha
MyBirthday Naishyo no syoujyo jikan 01 to 02 Kako Itou Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Kimi ni Kiss shitai 01 to 03 Mitomo Kotou Jitsugyou no Nihon-sha
MyBirthday Kaiketsu!Suzunari-koukou Tantei-bu 01 to 09 Takumi Kusakabe Jitsugyou no Nihon-sha
MyBirthday Aozora ni 2step 01 to 02 Takumi Kusakabe Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Guts daze! 01 to 02 Tatsuki Kusanagi Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Romantic mitsumete 01 to 02 Emiko Taniguchi Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Hidamari no sakuranbo 01 to 02 Kumi Makimura Jitsugyou no nippon syha
MyBirthday Twin heart Twin game 01 to 04 Kumi Makimura Jitsugyou no Nihon-sha
MyBirthday Renai Dungeon@ 01 to 02 Harue Motegi Jitsugyou no Nihon-sha
Nakayoshi P-nuts street 01 to 03 Nami Akimoto Koudansha
Nakayoshi Minmin! 01 to 05 You Asagiri Koudansha
Nakayoshi Akogare Adventure 01 to 03 You Asagiri Koudansha
Nakayoshi Nana-iro Magic 01 to 06 You Asagiri Koudansha
Nakayoshi Delicious! 01 to 07 Yui Ayumi Story/Miyuki Kobayashi Koudansha
Nakayoshi DX Magic knight Layearth part1:1 to3 & part2:1 to 3 CLAMP Koudansha
Nakayoshi Yami wa tsudou 01 to 08 Youko Matsumoto Koudansha
Nakayoshi Scrumble-Doumei 01 to 07 Youko Matsumoto Koudansha
Nakayoshi Chou-Kuse ni narisou 01 to 04 Yayoi Nakano Story/Anzu Yoshimura Koudansha
Nakayoshi Yubiwa-Monogatari 01 to 05 Naoko Takasugi Koudansha
Nakayoshi Cherry Project 01 to 03 Naoko Takeuchi Koudansha
Nakayoshi Merry go round 01 to 03 Chiaki Yagi Koudansha
Nakayoshi Little March 01 to 04 Chiaki Yagi Koudansha
Nakayoshi Omocha-bako Kakumei 01 to 05 Chiaki Yagi Koudansha
PRINCESS Haruka narishi itoshi Mugen 01 to 14 Naoko Moto Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Phanto, cognision 01 to 10 Takeo Iba Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Shiro no yuukyuu Kuro no eien 01 to 04 Chieko Hara Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Rola Kaeser 01 to 04 Yun Kouga Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Jyunjyou Dear boy 01 to 03 Megumi Ootsuki Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Matendou Sonata 01 to 20 Sayuri Amagi Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Arreise 01 to 20 Rurika Fuyuki Akita-shoten
PRINCESS FINAL AGE 01 to 03 Rurika Fuyuki Akita-shoten
PRINCESS Pihyoro Ikka 01 to 09(part1 complete) Kaori Himeki Akita-shoten
PRINCESS koyha! Ranmaru Ouendan 01 to 21 Jun Togashi Akita-shoten
PRINCESS DX SWAN Hakuchyou no inori(*size B6) First and final Kyouko Ariyoshi Akita-shoten
RIBON Akazukin chacha 01 to 13 Min Ayahana Syuueisha
RIBON Gals1 01 to 10 Mihona Fujii Syuueisha
RIBON Passion girls 01 to 05 Mihona Fujii Syuueisha
RIBON Gin-iro no harmony 01 to 09 Aoi Hiiragi Syuueisha
RIBON Hoshi no hitomi no shilete 01 to 10+extra 1 Aoi Hiiragi Syuueisha
RIBON Tsuki no yoru Hoshi no asa 01 to 08 Keiko Honda Syuueisha
RIBON Narse Angel Ririka SOS 01 to 04 Koi Ikeno Syuueisha
RIBON Akumade Love-come 01 to 04 Kei Kusunoki Syuueisha
RIBON Chaim 01 to 03 Megumi Mizusawa Syuueisha
RIBON Kimi wa Aozora no shita ni iru 01 to 04 Rina Morimoto Syuueisha
RIBON Hohoende Sanpo michi 01 to 03 Maki Satou Syuueisha
RIBON Anata to scandle 01 to 05 Ayumi Shiina Syuueisha
RIBON Hana Buranko Yurete... 01 to 04 Hudeko Tachikake Syuueisha
RIBON Neco neco Fantasia 01 to 16 Mie Takada Syuueisha
RIBON Qyutarou ga yattekita 01 to 03 Masaru Urakawa Syuueisha
RIBON Kagen no tsuki 01 to 03 Ai Yazawa Syuueisha
RIBON Marine blue no Kaze ni dakarete 01 to 04 Ai Yazawa Syuueisha
RIBON Handsome na Kanojyo 01 to 09 Wataru Yoshizumi Syuueisha
Seventeen the nigao show! 01 to 05 Ayako Cathrine Syuueisha
Seventeen Virgin ONDO 01 to 09 Ai Shiraishi Syuueisha

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